TickerTech.com is a comprehensive financial site, offering unique tools such as stock screens, charts, and tickers. Affiliating with TickerTech gives your users quick access to these offerings, making your site more ''sticky'' by providing additional utility to your users. TickerTech.com affiliates are provided with a ''Quote Box'' which acts as a portal to stock quotes, news, research, charts, tickers, and more. Affiliating with TickerTech.com lends prestige, builds repeat traffic, and increases your content.
Affiliate sites must simply choose an affiliate Quote Box from our menu of options and easily add HTML code somewhere on their site. Add this valuable content to your site, and users will want to visit your site again. Below is an example of an affiliate Quote Box:
TickerTech.com adds affiliate sites to the ''Best of the Net'' portal on the TickerTech.com website, which receives very high traffic. Affiliate sites are rewarded by being featured in the appropriate category of ''Best of the Net.'' Please review our submission policy to determine if your site is appropriate for our directory.
If you are interested in affiliating with us, fill in the simple form below. There are no checks in the mail to worry about, hits to track, or reporting sites to log onto. We simply drive traffic to your site by adding you to the "Best of the Net" area, and you display a TickerTech.com quote box on your site.

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Note! NOTE: If you are interested in putting a ticker or chart directly onto your site, that is not part of the affiliate program. For more information on our Ticker Product Line and other products, click here.