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Investor Relations Website Solutions

Deliver valuable information about your stock(s) and your company, without your visitors leaving your web site.

Outstanding Service Since 1998

It is our goal to meet any custom needs you have, and exceed your expectations for product quality, reliability, and customer support.

Competitive Pricing Model

Our pricing model is tiered to make our products affordable to both large and small companies. For our current rate card or for more information, please contact a representative at 1-866-515-2082, email, or fill out an information request form online.

Inline-frame and JavaScript technologies allow for ease of integration without any complicated or time-consuming development work on your end.

Our designers can custom-tailor your products to match the look and feel of your existing web site, creating a seamless integration for your site visitors.

All of the server-side data components of the system are hosted and run on our end, so you have no server-side setup to worry about, and there is no additional load on your servers.

The system is fully compatible with JavaScript-enabled browsers on all computing platforms, and is available for public Internet and mobile sites, as well as private Intranet and Extranet sites.
Stock Quotes

    Last Trade Price & Time
    Price Change & Percent Change
    Open, High, Low Price
    52 Week Range
    EPS & PE Ratio
    Shares Outstanding
    Market Capitalization
    Dividend Amount & Yield


Flexible layout options to meet any design requirement. We are licensed by all major US and Canadian stock exchanges, and offer 20-minute delayed quotes. Data from overseas exchanges can be included for an additional fee. The look and feel of your stock quote can be completely customized to match your needs. You can choose from among a broad list of data points to include in your stock quote. Combine with stock charts and other investor tools for an informative stock quote information page on your IR website.
Company News Releases

Include your company's press releases; also available are related news stories and videos from Market News Video.

SEC Filings

Integrate a list of your company's recent SEC filings, with links to open the filings on

Investor Returns Calculator

Offer your investors and prospective investors a returns calculator, showing the return from any start date to any end date. Returns are shown both with and without dividend reinvestment. Ability to compare your stock's returns against any index, ETF, or any other stock.

 Example: IWM
Stock Charts & Historical Information

Customizable features include:

    Width & Height
    Chart Type (line, point, bar, candlestick)
    Background Color
    Grid Background Color
    Grid & Axis Colors
    Stocks / Indices Selection
    Chart Period
    Chart by Price / Percent Change
    Daily Highs & Lows
    Moving Averages
    Symbol Labels
    Y-axis Label Side
    Line Thicknesses
    Line Colors
    Previous Close Line
    Chart Fill (off, mountain, to prev. close)
    Font & Line Smoothing
    Grid Location (fore / background)
    Label Font Face, Size, Color
    Label Spacing
    Volume & Legend Table
    Volume Color
    Background Image

We offer the most customizable stock charts available, because each chart is dynamically generated on-the-fly to meet your exact customizations. Track your company's intraday performance, as well as one month, quarter, year, and 5 years. Ability to compare your company's performance to that of your competitors, the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500, or other indices, together on the same chart. Simple chart images, or and advanced user interface are available depending on your needs. Available historical dividend table/chart, and historical price lookup functionality.

Setup fee applies; rates scale upward dependant on financial data products selected, client usage and needs.
Please call for a complete rate quote: 1-866-515-2082

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